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Pat Whitaker’s work is best categorised as Speculative Fiction. His stories contain elements of science, of crime or mystery, of romance, be set in the future or the past, or any combination of the above, however all speculate on some issue. This may be the central plot or may be a sub-plot, but in every case it will pose the reader a question. Available are:

Ethylwyn small Antithesis small Bad Blood small Mindset small Nmemesis small Raw Spirit small Returning small Time Out small

All of Whitaker’s titles are relatively short, around 40,000 to 60,000 word, and although some may share common elements, none are series as such.

Me 01Pat Whitaker was born in England in 1946 and came to New Zealand aged four.  Apart from five years in his twenties spent traveling the globe, has lived there ever since.  After a fairly rudimentary education, he found work as an Architectural Designer and this became a life-long occupation.  He first began writing in 2006 on becoming semi-retired.  He has a deep interest in the technology of space exploration, and has an extensive library on the subject.  When reading for pleasure, he has a preference for science-fiction or classic detective stories in the Agatha Christie mould.

Finalist for ‘Best New Talent’, Sir Julius Vogel Awards 2009


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