Time Out

Paperback: ISBN 978-1-877557-14-9

US$14.95, 284 pages

eBook: ISBN 978-1-877557-07-1

US$2.99 all formats

time-out.jpg“Time out” is a novel that follows on from “Bad Blood”. It is not a sequel but rather a companion volume, in that the principal characters and the story lines are new, but the location (Manchester) and the police team (D.I. Stringer et al) are the same.

The plot follows two overlapping investigations, one involving missing persons and the other drugs. As before, there is an integrated sub-plot that examines another popular belief and tries to make some ‘hypothetical’ sense of it.


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Thomas C. Stone, Author, May 23, 2010

“Pat Whitaker’s writing form of choice is the novella, a story of length and scope somewhere between a short story and a full length novel. The length of Pat’s stories make for a reading experience of two or three hours, perfect for a rainy afternoon or a lazy day at the beach. Among his diverse works is a little piece entitled TIME OUT, an exploration into the phenomena of alien abductions.…  more


  1. “Time Out” is a very readable book. It explores the **** phenomonen and offers a plausible explanation for these. The many sub-plots and twists keep you involved and guessing to the end.
    (**** deleted, as it reveals a key element of the plot. PHW)

  2. An easy to read mystery/sci-fi novel with enough twists and turns to keep you interested and guessing.
    Certainly thought provoking, and lovely to read the creative fruits of a local!

  3. (This review was received by post and entered by the author.)

    What a great book! I read it through in one sitting. I literally couldn’t put it down.
    The style of writing at the beginning put me in mind of Ruth Rendall but soon developed into a style all the author’s own, and very good it is.
    The main characters – Don, Marion and Paul, were “real” and likeable and I could visualise them in my mind, which is very important to me when reading a novel.
    The storyline was gripping and kept the momentum up till the last page.

    (here a paragraph is omitted as it discusses details of the plot. PHW)

    All in all I would like to congratulate the author on a fine novel, I just had to keep reading. With fast action and a tight plot containing some surprising twists, it’s a well written and thought provoking book.

  4. An interesting book with a plot that keeps your attention even if wound around some unusual ideas. Who knows – perhaps they have some truth but we can’t remember!

  5. Interesting reading about your books Pat….Now I’ll have to find some an see if they would be suitable for the students at ARAS!!



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